The Best Present

My name is Ryan, I lived in a hometown not too far from big city. Ah I have one old brother, his name is Ronny. Well, we are twin and we very happy with our life because we have the best mom and the best dad. They really love us. They always give everything that we want. As older brother, he always keeps me when our classmate tried to disturb me. He knew if his twin was not stronger than himself. I thought, my life was perfect that why I always thanks god because he gave me a treasure, yes that was my family. I couldn’t imagine if someday I lost them, I said in my heart “ ah impossible it will happen”.
But one day, the storm comes to my life. The storm that made my life change 180°, and I have never thought it will happen in my life. I had to not told my family about myself, but my heart always asks me to tell the truth to them. Yes, not only my family, my teachers always says “you must be honest, although it was very painful, however it is better than you have to lie”. My mouth feels heavy to say something, my tongue stuck. But suddenly something spoken of my mouth “mom, dad, Ronny, I am sorry, I want to be honest to all of you, I am gay”. They look like shocked, but Ronny laugh when hear my saying. “Don’t joking Ryan hahahaha” said Ronny. I tried to make sure them about my saying, my dad says with high intonation “are sure?”. I looked downstairs, and said all about myself. I just want to be honest to them, because I cannot lie, I just want to they understand about myself. I realized, I lived in a country that will always forbid LGBT, and I had known it forbidden in my religion. I just hope my family could keep me could protect me, because I am their son. But it was different with my hope, they really disappointed to me and something that made my heart painful, when Ronny hated me, he said if he did not like has brother like me.
Every morning my mom always wake me up, but after I told them about my orientation, my mom stopped to do it. I got up and saw the time, “omg 06:30am, I will be late to school”, I said in my heart. I took shower and I was glad because I saw my family looked like happy when they ate breakfast, I was happy also because Ronny laughed with my mom. I thought, ah maybe they already forgot about what happened yesterday. But it was wrong, when I tried to join them, suddenly Ronny said “mom dad sorry I have to go, I afraid to be late”. Not only Ronny but my mom and my dad leave me, with the reason they had to go to work. I cannot say anything. My tears falls when I knew nothing breakfast for me. I said in my heart “omg why my mom did not make breakfast for me, what is my mistake, why it happened to me”. I stood up to take water, with my tears flowed on my cheeks, I hoped a glass water enough for my breakfast. My heart crushed, my feeling got hurt, but I wished someday my sadness will change be happiness.


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