The Best Present 3

Almost one month I have been staying in hospital, every day I always take medicine, my tongue feel bitter because of it. But as you know, my life is more bitter than the medicine. Besides that, my condition down every days, nothing change even though I took medicine every day.
So I decided to write letter for you, this my story since you and our family ignore and avoid me because of my orientation. Ah forget it, I hope you can read my letters Ronny,,,,, hehehehe. Sorry I didn’t make a joking, but you will see again Ronny. You will see the beautiful world again, I am serious and I guarantee all of my saying. I will ask my doctor, if I closed my eyes forever, please give my eyes to my brother. And you know Ronny, I just have one brother and it is you. Now, please smile Ronny.
Suddenly Ronny stop to read Ryan letters “Doctor, so is it Ryan’s eyes? Is it Ryan letters also?”. The doctor answer Ronny’s question “Yes that is Ryan’s eyes, before he died, he told me and asked me to give his eyes to you”. And the doctor said again “he said to me if I died please give my eyes to my brother, and please give this letters to him, because I want to someone who read my letters is Ronny” he said like that to me. Ronny cries and tells his parent who sit beside him. Look mom, look dad this is Ryan’s eyes” said Ronny. His parent try to see the eyes and his mom says “yes I remember, I never forgot the eyes, even though you are twin but Ryan has different eyes with you”. Honey look Ronny’s eyes carefully, do you remember something when you see it, said Ronny’s mom. After he saw the eyes, suddenly he falls, he cries “Ryan, forgive your dad, forgive us, you shouldn’t get our hating, we regret Ryan, forgive me”. Not only Ronny’s dad, but also Ronny’s mom cries and regret with everything that happened. .Suddenly the doctor says, please be quite, Ronny please continue to read Ryan’s letter”. Ah ok, I will” said Ronny.
Ryan’s letters, Ronny, did you remember, in hospital you asked me to keep and protect mom and dad? But I didn’t say anything because suddenly my back painful, well Ronny that is your responsibility now, please keep and protect mom and dad, please make them always be happy, because during I life in the word I never made them be happy, only disappointing that always I give to them. Mom dad, I know you are beside Ronny now to listen my letters that read by Ronny, forgive me please. I am not yet be good son for you I was useless. But I thank to all of you, because of you already rose me and keep me since I was baby, because of you, I can live an independent, because of you I can be stronger. You are my best mother and my best father. If I have to be honest, I want to hug you at the end of my life, but the god not allow me. 
Ah I almost forget Ronny today is our birthday, I asked my doctor to give my letters and some of my belonging to you in our birthday. Sorry I can’t give you great present, I just can give you my eyes and it is my last present for you, I hope you like it. Happy birthday for us hehehehehe. Ronny you are my best brother my best twin also. Ah,,,, I feel tired to write this letters, I think it’s enough. Now I have to sleep, but I am not sure I can wake up again or no in the morning. Mom, Dad, Ronny, I love you so much, I really love you and never hate you even though many tears in my life since you knew about my orientation. I love you more than my life. Regards Ryan J


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